dollamur gymturf 365 indoor field

Great Looking

Create more uses for your gymnasium. Turn your indoor space into a beautiful, safe indoor sports surface in minutes.

dollamur gymturf 365 install roll

Easy to Install

Dollamur's Flexi-Roll® technology makes it easy for anyone to setup and take down your indoor turf.

dollamur flexiroll gymturf 365 baseball

Year Round Training

Is the weather not co-operating? Get in valuable off-season training time on a safe, predictable surface.

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Turn any building into an indoor
practice field in minutes.

GymTurf™ 365 can give you an edge over the competition by no longer restricting your practice due to weather. More importantly, this new indoor turf protects players with a non-abrasive, padded surface. GymTurf™ is available in various sizes and features our FLEXI-Connect® built-in connection system. No additional materials are required.

Gain Your Edge

For practice and conditioning 365 days a year, GymTurf is the ONLY portable surface that protects players and provides quality practices for ANY SPORT, ANY TIME in ANY WEATHER.

  • Get the TRACTION you need for any sport. The patented Flexi-Connect system ensures the turf will not separate between seams for a "No Slip - Just Grip" surface.
  • Ideal surface for off-season or days when the weather restricts your ability to conduct a full speed practice. Offers an optional training space for Special teams.
  • GymTurf meets or exceeds ASTM and International Soccer standards for artificial turf.

GymTurf 365 Advantage

FAST SETUP - Easy to roll-out and roll-up with the original FLEXI-Roll® design. An average 50’ x 75’ floor can be installed in just 30-minutes. Stores easily in an upright position.

  • Portable and allows any indoor space to become a productive indoor practice facility.
  • Requires no messy infill, so you don’t have to clean up those annoying black crumbs.
  • Specially designed turf is player friendly and does not cause turf burns like other products.
  • “True Bounce” cushioning which is superior to any other portable practice surface.
  • Protects players against injury causing falls on hard surfaces and extreme weather conditions.


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