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You can afford the best in the world.

Affordable lease-to-own payments are the solution to make your club the best it can be. Make small monthly payments until your mats are fully paid. It's easy and economical.

Invest in the Best

Hatashita supplies only the highest quality mats in the world. Sure there are cheaper but none will perform better or longer than the mats supplied by Hatashita.

When you purchase quality mats from Hatashita you will be getting mats that perform better, are more versatile and last longer resulting in the lowest cost/year of any mat on the market.

Your club will look awesome!

A great looking club attracts students, pleases parents and is the first step in making your club successful and profitable.

Pay As You Profit

Generate profit from purchasing new, high quality equipment. Don’t skimp on mats or equipment because these are the investments that generate the most profit for any club. It’s good business to pay for the equipment as you profit rather than start a club on the wrong foot with poor equipment.

Keep Your Cash & Grow Your Club

As a gym owner you know cash flow is crucial. Save your cash on hand for gym improvements, advertising and salaries. Use financing for long-term investments like mats, building purchases and equipment. Open your dojo without skimping and look outstanding!

Tax Advantage

Lease financing is 100% tax deductible. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Get Rid of Those Old Worn Mats

Make it possible to have the most up-to-date safe and technologically advanced mats without tying up your money. Better equipment attracts new members and keeps your loyal members happy.

Simplify Accounting

A fixed monthly payment simplifies accounting and allows you to budget for growth.

Preserve Operating Lines and Credit

Acquire the equipment you need without tying up valuable credit lines. You can use their lines of credit (bank or cards) to meet other business needs.

Call 1-800-586-5836 for your personalized mat quote.

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