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Dollamur Flexi-Roll® Wall Mats

made in usa

With all of the same properties of Dollamur's Flexi-Roll® floor mats, these seamless mats are the perfect choice as a permanent safety fixture in your facility. Choose your colour and customize with your organization's logo.

Size: 6' high x 1.25" x custom length.

black navy royal purple maroon red orange yellow green gray

or Call 1-800-586-5836 for your custom quote.

wall pads

Wall Panel Mats

made in canada

Soft absorbent panels made from soft, absorbent foam and heavy vinyl for years of dependable use. Includes velcro strapping for easy hanging and includes wall strapping that fastens to any surface. Mats may be removed for floor use. Available with plywood backing.

Size: 4'x 6'x 2" -or- 2'x 6' x 2" - Custom sizes available.

black red green navy gray yellow burgundy blue

pole pads

Pole Pads

Have exposed posts, steel beams or concrete pillars? Hatashita can custom make pole pads to your unique specifications for a safe and professional finish to your gym or dojo

black red green gray yellow burgundy blue

or Call 1-800-586-5836 for your custom quote.

crash mats judo throw kaizen

Landing Crash Mats

made in canada

Built for training hard throws and advanced breakfalls in absolute comfort. Thick, absorbent foam with vinyl covering. All Hatashita landing mats are built to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.

Size: 5'x 8'x 8" -or- 5'x 10'x 8"

black red blue

folding mats

Folding Mats

made in canada

Ideal for home use. Soft but highly absorbent mat. Great for stretching, rolling and kids activities

Sizes: 4'x 4'x 2" -or- 4'x 8'x 2"

Our most popular folding mat. Firm, highly absorbent and won't "bottom out" with hard impact. Great for grappling, MMA, judo, hapkido and more.

Sizes: 4'x 4'x 1.25", 4'x 8'x 1.25", 5'x 10'x 1.25"

Premium mat for high impact sports. Firm upper layer for fast movement. Softer lower layer to absorb impact. Great for MMA, defensive tactics and more.

Sizes: 4'x 4'x 2.25", 4'x 8'x 2.25", 5'x 10'x 2.25"


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