Accessories and Maintenance

Keep your mats in tip-top shape and looking great with replacement tape and mat cleaning products. is your source for mat accessories and all of your martial arts supplies.
dollamur clear mat tape

Clear Mat Tape

Clear, durable vinyl tape. Made to last. For use with Flexi-Roll® products.
Size: 3" x 84' -or- 4" x 84'

dollamur vinyl mat tape

Vinyl Mat Tape

Highly adhesive tape designed for use with Flexi-Roll® systems to create a seamless floor. Available for all colours and styles of Flexi-Roll®.
Size: 4" x 65'

dollamur velcro carpet mat fastener

Velcro Mat Fastener

Used to secure multiple carpeted Dollamur mat sections. Available in all carpet roll colours.
Size: 4" x 42'


dollamur edge sealer kit

Edge Sealer Kit

Use with vinyl mat tape for a permanent bond when mats don't need to be rolled up. One bottle covers approximately 120' of tape (both edges). Includes 12oz. can of glue and application bottle.

dollamur vinyl repair kit

Vinyl Repair Kit

Patch kit for repairing minor rips or tears that may occur. Kit includes vinyl cement, 2 clear vinyl patches and plastic squeegee.

dollamur mat cleaner

Mat Cleaner

Disinfects and deodorizes your mats. Two ounces mixed with wtar makes a gallon of cleaner. Apply using a bucket and mop or with the Dollamur mop. 1 gallon jug.

dollamur mop cleaner kit

Dollamur Mop Kit

Kit includes: 24" mop, (2x)dry dust microfibre pads, wet disinfectant mop pad and one gallon of concentrated disinfectant.


foam subfloor cube

Foam Subfloor Cube

Attach to subflooring to create a cushioned base below your mats. Foam. 3"x 3"x 3"


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