Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of Hatashita's customers have to say about their new mats and their experience with us.

Great Products

Our instructors and students appreciate the surface, resilience and action of our DAX tatami mats from Hatashita. We’ve had thousands of classes, seminars and technical clinics. The mats have taken a pounding and continue to provide a comfortable and safe surface for competitive training. They also provide an excellent surface for kata. We’ve always appreciated the great products and customer service provided by Hatashita!

Ken Fukushima

Unbelievable Service

Unbelievable service. I needed a quote for mats and had it the next day. Price was right and they do email transfer. Sent the money and the mats are on their way. I made the right choice and supported a Canadian store. Thank you."

Travis S.

brock university flexiroll wrestling mats

The Mat Was Outstanding

We were fortunate enough to use the Dollamur Flexi-Connect mats for the National Championships held at Brock University. The mat was outstanding, really easy to put together and very light to carry. The club will be purchasing new mats and this will be the mat we purchase." [...and did!]

Marty Calder

Thanks for Your Support

Our new dojo floor is 1200 sqft. consisting of (1300) 3″ cubes, 77 sheets of over lapping plywood, 52 DAX Tatami, and 140' of finished pine border with 5″ vinyl skirting. The floor is stable and does give-way when thrown. Project management was clearly the largest undertaking and involved weeks of personal effort to ensure all design components met requirements and that all materials were correct and on sight before construction day. Our construction team of seven people built the floor in about six hours. It actually was a lot of fun building it and we took many photos before and during construction for future reflection. Thanks for your support."

Master Randy Tracy

driftwood martial arts puzzle mats

Great Pricing

Thanks for the new puzzle mats for our second training area. Great pricing and customer service. The students couldn't wait to train on the new mats!

Darren Chapman

battle arts flexiroll mats

Amazing Service

Hatashita was excellent to deal with and provided me with amazing service and mats.

Anthony Carelli

Highly Recommend

The Waterloo Regional Wrestling Club ordered two custom wrestling mats, six crash pads and full wall padding for a gymnasium from Hatashita. The mats were the very best surfaces we have yet to practice on. We would highly recommend Hatashita to any wrestling program."

Dr. I Jagas

  • Matman Coach
  • Former President of Wrestling Ontario

Thanks and Appreciation

My thanks and appreciation to Hatashita Company for having supplied the new Dollamur Flexiconnect mats for the Pan American Judo Championship that took place in Montreal in April 2012. The Tournament Organizing Committee was impressed with their easy and quick set up, as well as their exceptional looks. Dismantling them was also easy, and this was greatly appreciated by the volunteers. Athletes appreciated their comfort and safety performance."


Great Price. Great Service.

Just wanted to say I bought some grappling mats from you back in 2004, and they are still holding up well! Great price, great service, fast delivery, and superb quality. Highly recommended!"

Adam LaClair

  • Adam LaClair Jiu Jitsu, MMA & Self-Defense Academy
flexiroll sosei judo

The Mats are Awesome!

The mats are awesome! Thanks for the great customer service we've come to expect from Hatashita"

Steve Patey


134 Dearborn Place
Waterloo, ON N2J 4N5